Can you make the air come on faster?

At Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning on City Island, NY, we are pleased to bring your energy-saving tips.

Can you make the air come on faster?

When you walk into a hot house, it’s very tempting to turn down your thermostat very, very low with the hope of getting the air to cool faster.

However, turning your thermostat really low or really high does not accelerate the cooling or heating of your home.

Therefore, it’s always best to set the thermostat to your ideal temperature, and it will get there at the same time if you cranked your thermostat down to say, 66 degrees.

In fact, cranking your thermostat can waste energy if you forget to reset the thermostat to your ideal temperature.


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Check out our new Homeowner Checklist!


Your first year as a homeowner is kind of like your first year of marriage. You’re building a foundation that will last for decades to come and your decisions regarding your home can have large effects on the rest of your life!

Here are seven things to do during your first year of homeownership:

1. Get to know your appliances — For example, furnaces usually last 15-20 years, but water heaters tend to start wearing down after 10 years. It’s worth figuring out how old each appliance in your house is because then you can plan for their eventual replacement. Furnaces can be a large investment so a little heads up will help!

2. Start keeping records — Write down every investment or repair you make to your home. From culking to new appliances, all changes will increase its resale value!

3. Buy a bunch of furnace filters — To ensure your furnace last longer, changing your furnace filters is one of the easiest way to improve the life of your system and also improve your health. Take a look at your system and write down the filter size and then buy in bulk!

4. For an inspection habit — Take the time to properly inspect your basement, attic, insulation and roof at least one time during the first year. Then make an annual habit of it!

5. Prepare for breakage — As a general rule of thumb, you should save 1-3% of your home’s initial price each year so that you can afford unexpected problems.

6. Take advantage of tax credits — Do some research early on about the different tax credits that may apply to you and reap the benefits when tax time rolls around!

7. Beef up your insurance — Take a good look at your homeowners insurance policy and look for any relevant gaps. Two areas of coverage to consider are flood and fire protection, which aren’t always included in standard policies.


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What to do when your Air Conditioning won’t turn on

The summer months are officially here! Whether you live in New York, New Jersey or California — the warm weather is coming! Nothing is worse then being hot and going to turn on your Air Conditioner only to find out it’s not turning on, blowing hot air, or making an odd sound. So what do you do?!

1. Check your thermostat. Is it set to below the current room temperature? If not make sure you set your thermostat for a cooler temperature. If that doesn’t work, check your electrical panel/breaker to make sure it isn’t the fuse.

2. Check your filters. We’ve said it a 100 times but a dirty filter restricts airflow and causes your unit to not work well or sometimes at all.

3. Check around your system that it is not clogged up with dirt and debris.

If your system still does not turn on it could be a more serious problem that requires the attention of a skilled HVAC technician. Call us today at 718-885-3328 to schedule a repair or visit us online at

When it comes to repair vs replace we like to go by the 50% rule: If the cost of the repairs is approximately 50% of the total cost of the unit it is time to replace!

and just remember: All of the solutions listed above are things that Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning will check during a regular maintenance visit! Did you know that a lack of maintenance contributes up to 90% of most AC repairs! Be savvy about your AC and don’t get stuck in the heat without it!