5 Key Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractor!


Whether you’re searching for an HVAC professional to install a new heating system or repair an undependable a/c unit, it’s always essential to do your due diligence. As HVAC System Pros knows, there are a couple of vital questions you must make before any HVAC installation or repair works. As the most relied on HVAC professionals for both domestic and business residential or commercial properties around the California, HVAC System Pros has come across nearly every question potential clients have had. If you have not currently included the following in your very own list, here are some relevant concerns you might wish to ask.

1. Exactly what sort of training and experience does the salesperson have who will be preparing the quote?

Lots of companies utilize sales people who have absolutely no background in the HVAC market. It can result in improper sizing, inappropriate or incomplete installations that might lead to problems down the road, eventually resulting in early system failure. Correct sizing and installation are ESSENTIAL to guarantee you are getting the most out of your system.

2. Exactly what is and is not consisted of in the quote?

Know, that one of the greatest differences in quotes (and what is often NOT STATED) is whether or not all the old components will be changed with the installation of the brand-new equipment. This includes parts such as fittings, pipelines, valves, adapters, dampers, security switches that connect to the devices have to be updated to match the specs of the new system. Although cutting corners by not changing them will lower the cost of the job (and the quote you are supplied), it COULD CAUSE early system failure and COSTLY repair work down the road.

The quote offered must STATE, in detail, whatever had to COMPLETE the installation. This includes obtaining licenses from your city, eliminating your old equipment from your home or business, all the parts and labor to finish the installation and replace old elements, and WRITTEN assurance and warranty info.

3. What Other Services Do You Deal?

Finding HVAC professionals who use routine preventative maintenance and cleaning company in addition to basic setups and repair works is important. Not just will it be simpler for you to get in touch with just one company, their familiarity with your system will improve any services they perform.

4. What are the Guaranteed Services and Installation you you offer?

A lot of times, the property owner is provided a manufacturer’s service warranty that is meant to make them feel protected. Nevertheless, in truth, these service warranties go over all the important things not covered and have nothing to do with the nature of the installation or your SATISFACTION.

5. Which Brands Are You A Licensed Dealership For?

If you’ve done your research study and have your eyes set on a particular brand name, don’t forget to ask if they provide it. Pristine A/c is a happy dealer for Mitsubishi, which produces incredibly innovative and environmentally friendly products.

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The Difference Between Old and New Furnaces

old-vs-new-street-signs-300x300There have been many advances in the heating and cooling industry over the past couple decades alone. And when homeowners hear about some of these changes, they sometimes ask, “Do new furnaces work differently than old furnaces?” This is a great question that depends on the age and style of your current furnace. Today we’re going to talk about some of the major differences between old and new furnaces so that you know what to expect when replacing your old system!

New furnaces vs. old furnaces: General differences

Furnaces today are able to heat your home much more evenly and efficiently than older furnaces. One way that they have been able to achieve these improvements is by blowing more air over the heat exchanger. If you’re upgrading from an old furnace to a new furnace, this might mean that you hear more noise from your air handler. However, there are ways to minimize this noise (as you’ll see below).

In addition, some older furnaces use expensive energy sources like electricity to heat your home. Unless you’re installing a heat pump, gas is the most efficient and least expensive energy source for heating your home, and that change could be a big difference between your old and new systems.

New furnaces vs. old furnaces: New heating technology that’s available

Although furnaces still operate in generally the same way as they used to, there have been many new technologies that have emerged that allow heating systems to operate more efficiently and effectively. One example of this is a variable speed air handler. Unlike older air handlers, which only operate at a single speed, variable speed air handlers operate at multiple speeds depending on airflow requirements at any given time. This not only helps save energy, but also allows your system to operate more quietly.

Another example of new furnace technology is dual stage heating. Unlike older furnaces that can only operate at full capacity, furnaces with dual stage heating have a high and a low setting. The low setting is used about 75 percent of the time, which saves a whole lot of energy, and the high setting only kicks on when it’s extremely cold outside.

New furnaces vs. old furnaces: Possible differences in venting

Another big difference that you might notice between your old and new furnace is how it vents combustion gases. Older furnaces always vented their gases out of a vertical vent that extended out of the roof. The highest efficiency furnaces available today use more heat out of the gas that they consume. As a result, they have a different venting process which uses PVC pipes that lead out the side of your home.

If you have any questions about the difference between new furnaces and old furnaces, or if you’d like a heating and cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Cottam Heating, your New York heating and air conditioning contractor. We service Manhattan, Westchester and Lower CT.